In sales and coaching it's always what have you done for me lately. CBS sports even has a rating system to tell us if a particular coach's job is safe or if he is on the hot seat.

According to the CBS ranking, a 5 means watch your back and a 0 means don't even break a sweat.

Boise State coach Brian Harsin is a 1 while former Bronco coach Chris Petersen now at Washington is a 0 "untouchable".

Like I said, those numbers can change in hurry. A fumble here, a bad bounce there and all of a sudden the coaches seat gets a little warm.

Matt Well's of Utah State is the only coach in the Mountain West with little room for error, he has a 3 next to his name.

The bottom line is this, coaches don't need a poll to know the pressure to win is omnipresent. Even coach Pete knows he can go from 0 to 5 with an 0-5 start.

That's why coaches are so grumpy August-January!


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