The quarterback of the defending Super Bowl Champs continues his offseason work in this Western State. And he's not alone. Find out what's going on out West and how many New England Patriots have joined Brady.

For most football fans, these are the final days of the long offseason. We find ourselves catching up on movies in the DVR, working on the honey-do list, and hoping that Saturday Night Canadian Football can pacify our appetite for pigskin.

And then there's Tom Brady, who once again is training with his dedicated group of Super Bowl winning receivers. Brady is fine tuning his offseason work in Montana. Yep, Montana, a far cry from Cape Code or the Bay Area, where he grew up. Why Montana?

The Big Sky climate and isolation allow Brady and receivers, Danny Amendola and Jullian Edelman to avoid the attention and distractions of their locations. Here's a link to the Patriots working out, mountain biking, and playing golf courtesy of UPI.

It's nice to see professional athletes appreciating the Western Lifestyle. Hey Tom, if you like Montana, you'll love Idaho!

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