Taking a break from the post Tom Brady Era, New England Patriots Head Football Coach Bill Belichick took to the team's twitter account to encourage players and fans to be smart and safe.  Belicheck is one of several coaches that are using their influence to 'stay safe.'

Most NFL experts expect the NFL Draft to be the highlight of the so far reduced Spring sports season.  Belichick's efforts underscore that the coronavirus is not just a sports story.

In a video posted Wednesday on the New England team's website, Belichick thanks medical professionals for their work during the crisis and urges U.S. residents to band together in the war against the coronavirus. "We are facing a difficult opponent," he says. "It will take teamwork, discipline and commitment to do the right things all the time. That includes staying at home. I encourage everyone to shelter in place as long as necessary as we fight this virus together."

The iconic head coach goes on to advise fans to let go of their negativity and, instead, focus on the positive. "There are plenty of things we cannot do right now, but let's focus on what we can do," Belichick says. "We can adapt, we can adjust and we can make better decisions right not for the betterment of the future. As I tell our team, let's keep stringing good days together and we will get through this."

In general, would you say people are uniting during this time? Will this pandemic change the way different countries interact with each other?

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