Unfortunately, we're headed right back in the center of pandemic times. It's not even been a year and it feels like the mayhem is here. West Ada Teachers are at the center of this article regarding COVID-19 regulations.

My son will begin Thursday under a very intense COVID climate with a new variant, more cases that impact children, and a mask battle. The teachers my son will interact with are under scrutiny tonight as videos and photos are going viral regarding the recent workshop.

West Ada Teacher Faculty Photos and Videos Go Viral

Idahoans are scrambling to figure out school that begins on Thursday like so many other families in West Ada. This is stress week for a ton of reasons and now add the fears over COVID. This new variant is dangerous towards children in the age groups that can't receive vaccines yet. If I have the vaccine I can still get the virus and then pass that to my children. The entire thing is scary and this is why West Ada teachers are catching fire.

The teachers were gathering for a development workshop prior to going back to class. The photos are from August 20 and that's less than a week from the beginning of school. Ada County's Facebook page has exploded with negative feedback from parents wondering why all the no mask activities. There are several photos and some not so favorable when in close proximity especially with a virus that is dangerous to kids.

I'm a parent and this looks like a ticking time bomb about to go off based up the feedback we've seen in just moments. Plus, there is a Tuesday mask meeting that everyone is invited to attend.


It's important to show opinions are all over the place. This is from parents supporting the teachers and against mask mandates.


I'm pretty sure this won't be the last we hear about this incident considering almost 2000 people have viewed it and over 1600 comments. This story is just making the news and I'm sure more will go public before school starts on Thursday.


One thing is for sure, this topic isn't over yet.


Currently, The Jonas Brother's Concert, Boise State Football home games, and Pride Events are now requiring proof of vaccination cards/masks or tests on-site. FitOne also decided last week to make the race virtual this year.

More to come.

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