NCAA tournament brackets weren’t just busted this year they were destroyed, burnt to a crisp!

We didn’t need the NCAA to make it official but they have announcing not a single bracket among the millions submitted across various platforms remains un-busted.

Actually by Sunday only 25 perfect brackets remained and UMBC took care of those by upsetting Virginia. The first time ever a 16 seed had beaten a 1 seed. Coming into the tournament the #1 seeds were 135-0.

Sunday you just had to laugh as Nevada beat Cincinnati and Syracuse upset Michigan State and defending champion North Carolina fizzled as “bracketology” continued to be exposed as the science of dreamers.

At least Warren Buffett can take a deep breath as his offer to employees of 1-million a year for life for a perfect bracket is safe for at least another season.

As for me, this is why I stopped doing a bracket several years ago! I was one of the few who sat back and cheered for every underdog!

Not caring who won and hoping for upsets made this one of my best NCAA non-bracket years ever and it's not over yet.


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