A few months ago, we started covering the Lonely Goose saga. You can read part one and part two HERE and HERE. As a quick refresher, we had a pair of geese that stayed at our Townsquare Media offices, eating grass, and living their best life. They were an extremely adorable couple, with their body language speaking volumes concerning the relationship.

Then one sad day, one half of the couple was ran over while attempting to cross Park Blvd. Thanks to a distracted driver, half of our favorite couple was dead on the road, getting flattened by passing traffic. The city never removed the carcass allowing it to disappear feather by feather with each passing vehicle. Two months later, and you can still see part of the goose on the road. Some of this imaging my be disturbing!

The surviving goose widow was heartbroken, leading us to nickname her Lonely Goose. Poor Lonely Goose would wait for endless hours outside our studio, months at a time, in hopes that her partner would return. It was heartbreaking for all of us to watch the tragedy unfold.

After a while, I started to post about Lonely Goose on 630 The Fan and other stations picked it up as the legend of Lonely Goose grew. Some brought bread to work to feed Lonely Goose but in an ironic twist of circumstances, the bread was stolen from the work fridge. It wasn't looking to be a good year for Lonely Goose.

Thankfully, one day a co-worker who was following this saga called me to the window. There was Lonely Goose in her same spot but this time a handsome male (actually they all look the same to me) was calling her from atop the Townsquare Studios. His timing was perfect, as a quick trip down Google lane revealed mating for life is only good so long as your mate is alive. With time, geese love moves on. The two of them hit it off, and a new lifelong bond was formed! Lonely Goose was lonely no more!

We've loved watching the couple graze grass surrounding our parking lot, and go for long, romantic walks on the Greenbelt. After a happy period of time together, today I saw them again, this time with three little ones!

Can I be 100% sure it's them? No, but I'm 99% sure it's them as they're in the same spot they are daily, and as I tried to get them to pose for a picture they humored me and while moving along slowly allowed me to follow.Finally, we reached the river and I had my chance. Snap, Lonely Goose and three goslings. Papa goose opted out of the photo but he was nearby. So there you have it, just what we need, a happy ending and three more geese!

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