One of the fun perks of working right next to the Boise River is all the wildlife. We have bald eagles flying overhead, deer snacking on the bushes outside our windows, and some Canadian geese providing some fun entertainment.

We've had quite a few interesting geese stories around the office. One of our employees had their tire slashed from an angry goose. Another had a goose attack their hair while they were trying to walk into the office. Almost no one feels safe from these geese. Just yesterday my cubical neighbor said she was attacked by her car. "I know," she said, "they scare me!"

This year however there's been a tender saga unfolding on the Townsquare grounds. If you're picking up your prizes, you might just see the lonesome goose moping around all day outside our office, looking sad.

Two weeks ago, this goose had a girlfriend who was hit and killed by a distracted driver on Park Center. According to Canadian Geese tradition, they mate for life. Because of this, the lonely survivor has had to watch the carcass of his mate get flattened worse and worse over the past two weeks.

Maybe, now that his mate is officially no more, he can find a new mate. We sure hope so, because this sad goose breaks our heart watching him in mourning for this long.

Go ahead lonely goose, take a gander at the other geese. It's time to move on and, lukily for you, there are geese everywhere you turn!

*If you know any ways we can make lonely goose happy, please share!

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