Like all Idaho rivers this year the North Fork of the Payette is running high and fast and that means kayakers participating in this weeks North Fork Championships will find the challenge all that more difficult.

The North Fork is best left to the experts and with the river running nearly 4,000 CFS higher than a year ago, the best in the country are in for a wild ride. The racing starts Thursday and continues through the weekend and organizers say not only will the kayakers have to respect the power of the river but spectators as well.

The course is along highway 55 and that means a lot of people stop to catch some of the action. Organizers say if you try and get close to the action be sure to wear a lifer preserver.

The rapids on the North Fork will be difficult to navigate and spectators who venture too near the waters edge could be dealing with a power well beyond their means to survive.

again this year about 30 of the top kayakers in the country will test their skills and stamina as the powerful force of the water will stretch their strength and abilities to the limit.

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