Boise River
Boise River

Idaho is celebrating Free Fishing day Saturday June 10th and in some area's the fish might just come to the fisherman.

Along the Boise River the water has met the sidewalk and then some! Most of us were hoping the river level would be down by now but if anything it is getting worse and the Boise River is just one example of how rivers and streams really aren't fishable this weekend so don't even try.

Free fishing day means just that, no license is required but all other rules and regulations will be in effect like limits and what kind of tackle can be used in certain areas.

Area ponds will be the best bet but remember many ponds near the river are over flowing as well and that can produce dangerous situations. Plan ahead and make sure your favorite spot is even fishable.

Technically the green belt is still closed and that's a good thing because banks are eroding, trees are falling into the river and it just isn't worth the chance.

The high flows are expected to continue into July so many of Idaho's native river species are going to get a free pass on this free fishing day.


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