People are starting to turn their heads, take notice, and jump into what may be the all-time coolest event our little oasis puts on every year.  Why is that?  What is is it?



I've been to a lot of music festivals in my day and to tell you the truth, the thing I remember most is how hot or miserable I was.  I hate that small things like not enough bathrooms or camping spaces too tight stuck with me enough to where I not only never went back, but when asked, those things are the things I first thought of.  Shouldn't I be thinking about how much fun I had?  How relaxing it was?


That's what I love about The Huckleberry Jam.  When it comes to music I've always thought of myself as a bit of a savant.  I've been in the music business for years now and love all kinds of genres.  Pop, Rock, Country, Folk, Swing, Soul, the Blues and more.  What I love about The Huckleberry Jam is that it brings lots of diversity in a very cool, chill kind of way.  I want to sit back, relax, and enjoy the most beautiful scenery on this planet while drinking some cold ones with my friends.


Huckleberry Jam Festival

The Tamarack Resort is second to none in my book as far as beauty, mystery, excitement, and all around gorgeous.  With the multi-billion dollar ghost town city in the background, hills to climb, hike or ride on, and the tip-top view of that beautiful lake... O-M-G!  I'm ready for another round.  The perfect way for me to spend a few of days away from work, the city, and the rat-race we all deal with way too much.  So on July 27th when you're working, traveling, or at some festival that's way too hot with dust flying in your face... I'll be up at Tamarack where it's 80 degrees chilling on the grass with great music, great drinks, and great people.