Having learned that I skied Utah and Idaho extensively, I was asked by a California transplant to Boise, who has the better snow Idaho or Utah?

To be honest I never really gave it a moment of thought until questioned and so I shot back a question of my own, Why do you ask? Apparently Utah's classic motto of the best snow on earth made him a believer that Utah snow must be better than Idaho snow.

Actually, snow is snow except where I grew up in New England where it quickly became an icy hard pan, great for racing not so great for falling.

When I moved West the snow was softer and I had to learn to ski all over again and my equipment, designed for a hard surface was too stiff for the softer snow pack. That was true in Utah and Idaho and what I discovered is my favorite slopes were those that had been groomed the best. Powder wasn't my friend and among Utah slopes Park City was my resort of choice compared to Alta or Snowbird.

Here in SW Idaho there's a resort and snow conditions for everyone and this year more snow than we could have ever prayed for. Sun Valley, Bogus Basin, Tamarack, Brundage Mountain, Pomerelle, Soldier Mountain we live in a skiers paradise and with feet upon feet of snow in the hills it doesn't get any better than this season.

Idaho snow, when you live in Idaho, it's the best on earth!


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