Farmers Insurance has devoted it's entire ad campaign recently to customer claims of unusual circumstances. Like a wedding ring stealing gopher or a goat that rams the side of a car just because he can!

Here's one for the Farmers Insurance file and it happened to me this week. It all began as I walked to my Honda Fit to take a lunch break. There he was, a squirrel on my front tire under the wheel well. Kicking the tire to rid myself of the interloper was my first action but rather than scoot from my car he disappeared. Undaunted I headed to McDonalds arriving three minutes later and now concerned the poor critter was still under the hood.

A quick pop of the hood showed no squirrel so it was on to lunch back to work and then home.

The next day I noticed the fender over my drivers side tire was dented and scratched, it looked as if it had been attacked by a T-Rex. I figured someone had side swiped my car while parked. However, the teeth marks were throwing off the investigation.

Forget the T-Rex, now suspect #1 was my Labradoodle named Hobbs. Hobbs is sneaky sweet and 8 years old going on 6-months! He has undergone three surgeries the most serious when he ate a sock, then a rock and the rock ended up in the sock in his belly with no escape possible.

Time for another squirrel check. if that unfortunate rat with a tail was still under my hood that would explain a lot. Alas, another check and no squirrel. That is until late Sunday. Three days had passed and unfortunately, so had the squirrel. There was his cold little body, eyes wide open expressing the terror of armageddon in the garage. Hobbs had left no doubt this was his garage. Unfortunately Hobbs has no collision coverage which means I'm liable for the damage to my car and the funeral.

So if Farmers wants to pay me to use this story then I can get the repairs done. If not I'll move on after a proper period of mourning.

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