The field for this years Superbowl has been narrowed to Green bay, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and New England. So, who will Boise back?

If Seattle and or Denver were still alive it wouldn't be a question but they are done so who do Boise Fans get behind.

Forget Atlanta and New England. First of all nobody knows anything about the Falcons and New England, well even this New England home boy has a hard time with the Pats. I actually remember them more fondly as the Boston Patriots and even watched them play at Fenway Park.

Boise Likes it's blue collar Boise State Broncos so the scales are tipped towards a blue collar city like Pittsburgh or Green Bay. Unfortunately, Big Ben isn't the cuddly type so that leaves Green Bay.

Green Bay, the alma mater of Idaho's own Jerry Kramer, the star of the Green Bay-Dallas Ice Bowl for his touchdown leading block for QB Bart Starr.

Green Bay, similar in size to Boise is a true NFL icon. A Packing Company born franchise that hopes to send Atlanta packing come Sunday. I'm thinking if you don't have a dog in the fight you'll be routing for some fight in Green Bay.

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