Idaho Vandal basketball is in a mess right now and it's been left for someone else to clean it up.

Friday at 5:30 p.m. is not the time to release a major announcement like the firing of Idaho basketball coach Don Verlin, unless nobody wants to be around to answer questions, then it's a perfect time.

Following a ten day administrative leave that lasted three weeks, Don Verlin was fired last week as head basketball coach and Idaho released the news at 5:30 p.m. MDT.

It was outgoing president Chuck Stabens' final official duty at Idaho and he was then off the clock.

In fact, Verlin, who met with officials on Thursday of last week pretty much knew he'd be hung out to dry coming off a 5-27 season, having a large salary but no athletic director and an outgoing president. It wasn't a great recipe for success.

Idaho also named assistant coach Zach Claus the interim head coach for the entire upcoming 2019-20 season. Idaho won't even start looking for a new coach until the spring of 2020.

That leaves incoming players in a mess as well. Some have already registered for school and are thus tied into NCAA transfer rules. Others are simply up in the air.

Once again student athletes are the collateral damage of an administration in turmoil.



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