Unless your are involved in youth soccer competition at some level you're probably not aware of how great the Simplot Sports Complex is in regards to holding major tournaments.

Far West Regional officials discovered the complex in recent years and it seems they can't get enough of Boise which is hosting the Far West Regional for the third time in the past five years and will do so again next year!

The event starts Monday June 17-23 and will feature some 220 teams from 11 western states. Hopefully you're not trying to book a hotel room in Boise next week because...well just because!

The Far West Regional is expected to bring 15,000 visitors to the Valley as teams try and qualify for the National Youth Championships next month in Overland Park, Kansas.

One of the great aspects of the tournament is admission is free! Plus, the Simplot Sports Complex is well designed with ample parking but it will get tight and with 20 fields sometimes you have to expect a little walk to get to an assigned field.

Weather wise expect Monday-Wednesday highs to be near 90 but by Thursday I'm being told to expect 77 for a high and then low 80's through the final weekend.

The Far West Regional along with the Women's World Cup underway certainly makes June 2019 soccer month in Boise and 630 The fan wishes all local teams the best of luck!


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