There has been all sorts of weather for BMF in years past, this year it seems just perfect.

The really hot days are the ones people talk about the most as hardest to deal with, and rightfully so. If you are one of those people you will be happy to know Boise Music Festival weather might be just right for you.

They are forecasting sunshine and 77 for BMF, not 90 plus or triple digits, for some may even need a light jacket but most likely you will be feeling just right. This will make for a prolonged day of fun, get there early and get ready for the carnival, check out the expo building and all the music.

People love to hang out on the lawn and this seems like a great day for that. Won't be overly hot but in the sun I am sure it will still be hot. For the young kids this will be nice as they may get a bit more fun out of it.

Shout out for all the food vendors too who work in whatever weather so this will be nice for them too! Sunshine and 77 should make this BMF a great one. Expo Idaho here we come on June 22nd !


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