There seems to be some confusion about what we will be able to see here in Boise, when it comes to the eclipse. Some think it won't even get dark here in Boise while others say they think there will be a sliver of the Sun showing. Here, based on your zip code is EXACTLY what you will see for every location in the United States.

Based on this view map, when I plugged in my zip code 83616 it basically shows that I have no reason to leave my back yard. For all intents and purposes it looks like the moon will completely cover the sun at my house. Yes, I know that it's supposed to be 99.6% totality, but you wouldn't believe the different rumors and hypothesizes that I've heard people pass off over the past few weeks.

So, if you are required to work on Monday August 21st for this once in a lifetime event and you live in Boise, but were totally bummed that you were missing it, looks like the only thing based on this demonstration is the traffic jams!

So beginning about 10:30 A.M. MST start heading out to your back yard or parking lot at work and you will pretty much see the same thing that people have spent thousands of dollars and time traveling too!

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