Applebee's is planning to shut down between 105 and 135 of its restaurants across the country, and it's not clear yet if the Treasure Valley locations will be among them. Here's the deal.

The CEO of Dine Equity, the parent company of Applebee's, said the decision has been "long overdue," and they need to close restaurants that aren't performing at a high level.

It's IHOP restaurants too.  The Today Show says there’s no word yet on which specific areas will lose their restaurants, but Applebee's will close more than a hundred locations nationwide, and IHOP will close between 20 and 25 sites.

Eater says the closures may be due in part to the success of fast-casual restaurants, along with the rise of meal kits that help us grab and go and make it at home.  The competition is hurting the mid-level chains.

We don't know if Boise will lose the Emerald Street Applebee's location, or if Meridian will lose the one on Eagle Blvd., or if Nampa's will shut down on Caldwell Blvd.  But if 2 for $20 is sounding good, there's no time like the present.  We'll keep you updated.

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