There's a national shortage of school bus drivers right now, and that's impacting Idaho.

Some school districts are desperate to find drivers, and they're willing to pay nice bonuses to attract them. 

The experts say the bus driver shortage is a sign of an improving economy, since fewer people are looking for regular part-time work these days.  Scheduling can be difficult with a morning and afternoon shift for drivers, and it takes special skills to drive a big vehicle like a school bus, with not everyone having the guts to get behind the wheel and to put themselves in charge of the safety of some pretty precious cargo.  But there are advantages too.

Do you remember your school bus driver?  I remember Mr. Yost in 1st through 3rd grade, and the grin he had for me every day as he pulled that big silver lever to close the accordion door behind me.  I was nervous about going to school some days because I was a shy kid, but he had a way of teasing me and making me giggle, which made me forget all about being scared.  He was part of my elementary experience and made my days better, and helped my mom know I was in good hands.

With the start of the school year right on top of us, school districts across the country are short on drivers and wondering what to do.

In Idaho, First Student manages school bus drivers, and they are offering a $1500 signing bonus to drivers who already have a commercial license.  Those that have no experience can get a $1000 signing bonus.

Drivers say it can be a rewarding experience, getting to know the kids a little bit, and helping them get where they need to go each day.  And they just might be helping a shy kid overcome some fears.  If you're feeling a nudge to help out, just contact First Student to get started.

School starts in Boise on August 22!

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