The high school football season starts August 25th here on 630 The Fan and one of the biggest games on opening night will be Mountain View at Eagle. Well maybe it will be at Eagle.

Mountain View is the defending state 5A champions and Eagle is expected to be a contender this year, especially with the home field advantage to start the season against such a formidable foe.

However there is no turf at Thunder stadium. The old turf was ripped up and the new turf is laying in the stadium parking lot. New athletic director Scott Criner told me there is a chance the game will have to be moved to a neutral location or worse yet for the Mustangs, to Mountain View.

Thus the team, the coaching staff and the students are all routing for the Turf Team currently working overtime to get the field ready for play.

Yesterday I drove by the stadium and the turf team was working on Sunday to make up for lost time. Still the clock is running out for the drive to be finished in time!

I don't know how much stock you put into home field advantage but I say it's huge. Plus, the Mustangs have been working out on the nearby grass field and won't really have the luxury of getting used to the new artificial surface.

So much is at stake in this opening game every effort is being made by Eagle to get the turf in place in time for kickoff.

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