Do you know your music? You could turn it into 1 million dollars if you can beat Shazam. Fox's popular game show Beat Shazam is gearing up for season two and they need contestants and you can sign up now.

This is your chance to win up to 1 MILLION DOLLARS! Casting only has a few weeks left, so you need to apply as soon as possible! So if you've watched and thought to yourself, Self, I could do better than those yahoos on TV, then here's your chance to prove it.

The show is also looking for many specialty teams for the show. Do any of the following fit you?

- Grandparents or Grandparent and Grandchild (over 18)

- Cowboys

- Fraternity Brothers/Sorority Sisters

- College Students

- Taxi/Lyft/Uber Drivers

- Doctors/Nurses

- Truck Drivers

- Cheerleaders

- Hair Stylists

- Bartenders/Waiters/Hostesses

- Coaches

- Pageant Queens

- Chefs/Line Cooks/Bakers

- Baristas

- Expecting Mothers

- Plumbers

- Bouncers/Security Guards

- Back-Up Dancers

- Flight Attendants/Pilots

- Fitness Instructors

- Veterinarians

- DJs

- Lunch Ladies

- Janitors

- Bodybuilders/Wrestlers

- Construction Workers

- Plumbers

- Mechanics

- Mail Men/Women

- Firefighters/EMT's

- Police Officers

- Lifeguards

- Race Car Drivers

- One Hit Wonders

If you fit any of the specialty teams listed above - when applying for the show please make sure to note this under question #2 on the casting application in the link below. Make sure you list it exactly how it is listed above. Good luck and if you get chosen, please let us know so we can follow along with your success.  If you're interested in being on the show you can sign up here.


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