Boise State quarterback Montel Cozart says he is just fine if Brett Rypien continues to rip-it for the remainder of the season just like he did at Utah State.

Rypien looked like his old self a week ago and in fact had he looked like that from week one Cozart might not be seeing as much playing time as currently.

Did he ever think that once Rypien got on a roll that he might not be as much a part of the offense as he has the first eight games?

Cozart says he never gave it a thought and even told me if Rypien's in rhythm then let him play.

All Cozart wants to do is win. He transferred to Boise State from Kansas to get away from losing. He has embraced the Boise State winning attitude and he says even his family tells him he is now the old Montel. The happy football player who feels like a contributor and that he is indeed.

Cozart doesn't care if he starts or even plays, well maybe that's  a stretch...but he just wants to contribute to a Mountain West Championship and play in a New Years Six Bowl or any Bowl for that matter.

Cozart knows Saturdays game with Nevada can be a trap game if the Broncos don't take the Pack seriously. Yes they're only 1-7 and yes they lost to Idaho State but this is college football and on any given day, well you know!

Cozart says part of his job this week is to make sure the Broncos get better and that means what ever it takes to beat Nevada and go 1-0 this week.

Boise State-Nevada Saturday at 5 p.m. on ESPNU.

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