That's the season for Boise State basketball as they finish the 2018-19 season 13-20.

13-20, a horrible season and after six straight 20 or more win seasons!

Head coach Leon Rice was beside himself at times because while he knew the potential was there the ball never seemed to bounce like it had in other season. So many one possession losses, a pattern the Broncos were never able to break, right down to the final game of the season when they took Nevada to the wire at the Mountain West Tournament.

13-20 isn't an acceptable record for Coach Rice and his Broncos but rather than jump a listing ship and take an offer from Washington State, Coach Rice is coming back for his 10th season with Boise State and Broncos fans need to embrace his return. Rice is the longest tenured coach in the Mountain West.

Not only is coach Rice one of the nice guys in sports he knows how to develop players and put together a winning roster.

Even with all the struggles this year Boise State managed to shoot 46.9% from the field, the highest percentage ever for a Rice coached team! In fact the highest percentage in 10 years!

Boise State was the only Mountain West team with three players in the top 10 for shooting percentage. Derrick Alston 49%, Alex Hobbs 48% and Justinian Jessup 47.3%. That was 4th, 6th and 8th respectively in the league.

Boise State was just 8-7 at home but that is a winning record and the 37th consecutive season BSU has done so!

Meantime the cupboard is full of talent for next season and while this past year was full of disappointment and frustration it's as they say all about the body of work.

The parts of that body look pretty good for 2019-20 and if anyone can make lemonade from lemons it's a coach named Rice.

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