February 2019 was a gold mine for Idaho ski areas! Most reported between 11 and 12 feet of snow for the month and that translated into a record number of skiers and snowboarders.

Mother nature's bounty also guaranteed a full season through mid April but that window is now within two weeks of closing.

Bogus Basin will end regular operations April 14th but depending on demand might open for a couple of more weekends. Sun Valley has two closing dates, the 14th for River Run and the 21st for Warm Springs.

Overall ski visits were up between 10% and 12% but not without some issues. Bogus Basin had a record 100 inch base on March 1st but there was no where to put all that snow so about 500 parking spaces were sacrificed because of snow removal and skiers were actually turned away on four different occasions because the parking lot was at capacity.

Then again those are the kind of problems ski resort operators can deal with and adjust for next year which they're already hoping will be another snow fest!

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