Here it comes.  For some reason, us Idahoans get screwed every year when it comes to gas prices.  Yes, we've enjoyed the last few months where we were actually BELOW the national average for once but that's all about to end.  AAA says Idaho gas prices are about to slingshot up another 50 cents a gallon very soon.

It's all about supply and demand.  At least that's what my teachers taught me.  I feel like that's a bunch of Mumbo Jumbo "THEY", whoever "THEY" are keeping feeding us in hopes that we'll just be quiet and pay.  I prefer the 'Be Loud and Pay' route.  It doesn't seem to do any good but it makes me feel better.

KTVB reports that Idaho has fewer people traveling in the Winter time so gas prices drop.  Once we start getting close to Memorial Day which pretty much kicks off Summer, it's all over.  Everybody seems to be on the roads here in Idaho and gas prices go UP UP UP.  This year we're expected to be at somewhere close to $3/gallon when we kick off Summer.  And then it might get worse from there.  Ugggh!

AAA Idaho spokesman Matthew Conde says...

In our region, fuel prices can move pretty dramatically with the seasons – in the winter, there's abundant supply and less demand, so prices usually relax, but the reverse tends to happen heading into the summer.  We've enjoyed a nice discount at the start of the year, but we expect Idaho prices to slingshot back above the national average soon.  Pump prices could jump another 50 cents before it's all said and done.

That's a nice professional way of saying the exact same thing I said.  I think.  AAA's projections say that Idaho again will be well above the national average for gas prices.  We're usually a good 25 to 30 cents higher than the rest of the nation and it's looking like that, again, will be the case.

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