Colorado State has never beaten Boise State and this Saturday night their season rides on doing just that, beating the Broncos. Colorado State is 4-2 in league while the Broncos are 5-0.

The Rams have no shot at a Mountain West Title with a loss to BSU and they must have had a premonition the game would have that type of importance because the Rams have saved the dedication of their new stadium for Boise State

The Rams have also decided to get new uniforms and debut the look against Boise State. Furthermore, the new look doesn't include any green but rather, it is much the same look as Boise State!

Colorado State will wear all white Saturday night with blue numerals and stripping. Does that remind you of anyone?

Courtesy Colorado State
Courtesy Colorado State

They say imitation is the best kind of compliment but in this case it's all about trying everything in the book to finally break through and beat the Broncos. Maybe if you look like Boise State you'll play like Boise State.

BSU knows they'll arrive in Fort Collins with a target on their collective chests but that's exactly they way they want it...everything on the line!


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