CFP National Championship
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It's that time of the year again when every college football fan seems to have an opinion on the FBS playoffs. Some love the way it is, others want to expand from four to eight maybe even sixteen teams.

The latest playoff rankings were released last night and if the FBS playoffs were tomorrow it would be Georgia vs. Clemson and Alabama vs. Notre Dame in the semi finals.

No chance for an Iowa to pull a stunner like they did last week against Ohio State. Two of the top four already have one loss yet two others in the top 10 are undefeated, Miami and Wisconsin and they'd never get a shot at the crown.

Every year I hear a million reasons why the FBS playoffs can't or won't expand and every year I watch as the FCS playoffs include 16 teams, no controversy ever and eventually decide a national champion on the field.

FCS, formerly 1-AA has been holding a 16 team playoff for decades and it has worked like a charm. When all is said and done the National Champion is crowned and they've won the title the old fashioned way by beating all the contenders.

FBS officials blame the missing of classes, too may games for not expanding but somehow FCS has managed just fine thank you.

I have broadcast many 1-AA playoff games as a sportscaster and it has always been a fun ride. There was never a concern that a deserving team was left out and never did the players complain of extra games.

The FBS problem stems from the existing Bowl system which loves the status quo, each having it's own agenda and until that attitude changes only the select will play for an FBS national title with no chance for the preverbal underdog to crash the party.

The FCS has been doing it for years and the FBS needs to take notice.


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