One of the funniest signs I've seen in a long time showed up at Saturdays Boise State-Nevada game.

Some enterprising Boise State fan created a sign that read....We hated Kaepernick before it was cool!

The sign may not have even registered with some football fans but Boise State fans remember the years Colin Kaepernick played for the Nevada Wolfpack.

2007 was Kaepernick's coming out party on the Blue...Boise State won that game but Kapernick ran wild and. almost registered the upset. Then, after three straight losses, all close and with Kaepernick at the helm, Nevada got it's revenged in 2010.

Down by 17 the Kaepernick led the Pack back to tie at 24. A Doug Martin TD made it 31-24 BSU and once again it appeared Kaepernick would be brought to his knees. (Sorry couldn't resist).

Instead he rallied Nevada to a 34-31 win in overtime. BSU was #4 in the country at the time and undefeated. Did I mention BSU missed an extra point type field goal to win?

It was that kind of a night and why 7 years later with Kaepernick having all his NFL issues and controversy, Bronco fans just wanted to remind everyone, they haven't liked Kaepernik for a long time   By the way, Boise State beat the Pack 41-14.

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