Brett Rypien is the next in a line of Boise State quarterbacks hoping to make his mark on the NFL.

The problem is, despite Boise State being one of the best offensive football teams in the country year in and year out, Bronco quarterbacks unlike their lineman and running bacjk counter parts, just don't get drafted.

Rypien is slated as a late round pick and his recent solid showings at the NFL Combine and a pro day at Boise State have helped his status.

Plus the name Rypien as in uncle Mark will help NFL scouts as they consider the bloodlines.

Still, other than Kellen Moore who played for both Detroit and Dallas, no Boise State quarterback has made a ripple in the NFL as a player much less a wave.

Rypien has the height and the arm to be an NFL quarterback and many compare him to Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, neither being impressively athletic but both very much effective when behind center.

But can Rypien even make an NFL roster much less have the opportunity to make a name fr himself?

We will start to get some of the answers the weekend of April 25th when the NFL: Draft unfolds. Sports radio 630 The Fan will broadcast live from Buffalo Wild Wings on the grove in downtown Boise from 5 to 7 p.m. on the 25th. We invite you to join us, we'll even give away tickets to this years Boise Music Festival featuring Pit Bull!

It's really hard to figure why a Boise State quarterback hasn't been successful in the NFL but maybe Rypien will be the ticket.



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