Right now the vibe among Boise State football fans is like a New Years Celebration! Or at least the planning of a New Years Celebration.

Boise State is mentioned time and again as a New Years Six Bowl pre-season favorite and that's great for fans but drives coaches nuts.

Forget one game at a time, coaches take it one hour at a time. Coaches demand players be focused on the daily business at hand, both school work and football.

That being said, has anyone taken a good solid look at the September schedule for Boise State?

The Troy Trojans came to the blue last year and the ball bounced the Broncos way in what was less than a comfortable Boise State win. Now Troy gets the Broncos in Alabama where it's not dry heat, it's suffocating heat. The Trojans were one of two Boise State opponents to receive votes in the recent AP pre-season poll. That means Troy is on the radar of national media and they'd better be on BSU's radar.

Also in September the Broncos have to play at Oklahoma State. BSU will be coming off their only home game of September against UCONN and that experience will help but is it enough to upset the Cowboys in Stillwater.

That's right, it would be an upset even with BSU ranked #22 and Oklahoma State in the just getting votes category. The Cowboys are BSU's second opponent to be mentioned in the AP poll.

So in September the Broncos play both of their highest ranked opponents on the road. New Years seems so far away when you look at it like that!

Oh, the last week in September Boise State has to travel to Wyoming where the Laramie Cowboys are just getting better every year. Their upset of the Broncos two years ago in Laramie will certainly fuel confidence they can do it again over the road weary Broncos who could come to town 1-2.

Someone told me the other day he thought Boise State would go 11-0 and I asked, have you seen their schedule? The guy wasn't aware of Oklahoma State and he didn't seem to respect Troy, both ingredients for disaster. Fortunately he's a fan doing what fans do...raising the expectations.

If Boise State comes through September at 4-0 and they could, hold on to your saddle horn, 2018 could be a wild ride for Bronco nation.

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