Two-time former heavyweight champion George Foreman will be in Boise October 12th to be honored for his Humanitarian youth center and ministry efforts.

Fifty years ago Foreman won the Olympic Gold medal in Mexico City and then went on to win two heavyweight world championships and then really made it big by becoming the grill master.

The Humanitarian Awards Ceremony will be held at the Boise Centre on the Grove and tickets for the event are on sale now.

I first met the affable Foreman when he was in Salt Lake City for a boxing benefit that also featured Muhammad Ali, Ken Norton with Bob Hope as the MC.

In my effort to get everyone interviewed I missed my chance at Foreman. Figuring I'd be fired I headed to Foreman's hotel and when one of his handlers saw this young pathetic reporter he escorted me up to Foreman's room where he and I talked for about an hour before I needed to leave, otherwise we might still be talking!

Remember, he was in his prime and I was a budding sportscaster, It's one of those moments you never forget and certainly an insight into the Foreman personality that has made him such a driving force in helping youth and certainly selling grills!



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