If you want to catch a Boise Hawks baseball game at Memorial stadium tonight will be your last chance for two weeks and by then school will be in and weekday nights out will be out!

The Hawks host Salem Keizer tonight at 7:15 p.m. and then hit the road for 11 straight games. It has become the traditional long road trip thanks to the Western Idaho Fair.

Eleven straight road games make it tough for any team to compete for a title even though championships in single A minor league baseball are more for the fans and not the players.

Players would prefer a call-up rather than a trophy. None the less why can't the Hawks be part of the Western Idaho Fair celebration. Throw in some fireworks, maybe a home run derby or how about an afternoon game with a player-fan meet and greet afterwards.

In some ways it's almost as if the Hawks season ends tonight. By the time they return to Boise baseball fans have turned to football, soccer and the busy back to school life of the average family where the hustle and bustle never stops and the boys of summer fade into the sunset.

Why not find a way to take one last wild trip around the bases at Fair time? Instead the Hawks will vacate the premises for two weeks and by the time they return, the season will be all but over. Then again that's why it's called "short season Single-A baseball."


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