Boise State football fans wonder if BYU is an actual rival game or just an interloper creating a misdirection as the Broncos head into the heart of their drive for a Mountain West title.

The Broncos are looking at a stretch run in November of 20th ranked Fresno State and #18 Utah State both on the blue with a game at New Mexico in the middle. So why are the Broncos playing independent BYU?

. Because when the Cougars left the WAC and were snubbed by the Pac-12, they needed to schedule games and Boise State stepped up and the two sides agreed to play 12 straight years!

It sure sounded like a good idea at the time and I think many felt BYU would eventually join the Mountain West because it was a perfect fit. Saturday night BSU is just another opponent for BYU who has played the likes of McNeese State, Wisconsin, Cal and still has UMASS on the schedule.

As an independent BYU is all over the board with no real rivalry except for Utah whom they end the season against.

It's also the Cougar pride that Utah is in the Pac 12 and not them that keeps BYU from finding a home in the Mountain West. How much more important would Saturdays game be if a championship were on the line. The placement of the game is more an anomaly than a logical buildup with titles and bowl bids on the line.

Let's face it, Boise State doesn't have a true rival because "nobody" in the Mountain West likes the Broncos, so they all become rivals!

That's what happens when you have success and the conference treats you like the golden child. It's sibling rivalry at it football style!

Everyone wants to beat the Broncos especially on the Blue and who's fault is that? Well, it's Boise States for winning all the time!

Of course that's not something Bronco fans are complaining about so the only conclusion to the question of BSU-BYU being a rivalry game's not!

Fortunately like San Diego State, Fresno State, Utah State etc, there no love loss between the Broncos and Cougars so that should make Saturday night lots of fun.



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