If you ever watched Sesame Street you know the picture game, "Which One of These Doesn't Belong Here."

I feel the same way this morning looking at the AP and Coaches college football polls. Utah State jumped to 18th in this weeks AP poll and 20th according to the coaches.

Fresno State entered the top 25 at #20 in the AP poll and 23rd on the coaches list. Nowhere is Boise State or San Diego State. To be honest, The Aztecs received some votes from the AP while Boise State got 2 votes in the coaches poll but they are far from cracking the top 25.

Here is the funny part, over the next four weeks both Utah State and Fresno State have to play the Broncos on the Blue. Talk about a great opportunity for Boise State to send a message to the Mountain West.

Coaches will tell you the polls don't mean much but in this case not only can Boise State move up in the polls but they can lock down the Mountain West title all at the same time.

Now that's what I'm talking about.

Unfortunately I already see the problem from the BSU coaching point of view and thats the fact BYU is on the agenda this week and that's the only game the Broncos will be focused on.

While I understand that philosophy I believe if I were a Bronco, looking forward enough to realize the excitement of what can happen yet this season simply would add to my determination to beat the Cougars and everyone else on the schedule.

Then again maybe it's best to take one week at a time because Utah State looks pretty scary.

Most be tough to be a coach.




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