Skyview football coaches have tweeted an urgent plea for football players.

The Hawks jumped from 4A to 5A this year but did so with an alarmingly small corp of players.

80 total players came out for football and that's the lowest number by far of any 5A program. This past weekend in a playoff game at Post Falls Skyview used only 26 players in a game they lost in the final 10 seconds ending their playoff hopes and first season in 5A. Skyview has just 4 returning starters next year.

I remember when calling the Skyview-Eagle game early in the season and watching both teams warm up I commented it was a good thing Eagle can only play 11 players at a time.

The Mustangs had nearly double the number of players suited up as did Skyview. Somehow the Hawks won that game on grit and determination. It was their exclamation to the 5A ranks that they will be a factor.

Indeed they were advancing to the playoffs led by Tyler Crowe who in that Eagle game scored 7 touchdowns, a feat he repeated the last game of the season against Meridian. In those two games along Crowe had more than 700 yards rushing and 14 touchdowns! That's a great season for some running backs.

While Skyview seemed to handle the growing pains well this season the fact is the Hawks have to attract more athletes to come out for football than 80.

Skyview is a great addition to 5A SIC football and hopefully today's tweet for recruits will attract the next generation of Skyview talent to carry them back to the playoffs in 2019.

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