I don't normally think one game makes or breaks a season but I do believe Saturdays Boise State at San Diego State game will change the course of the season for Boise State.

The Broncos are a rare underdog in a conference game a 180 reversal of what BSU fans have been used too for almost two decades and three conferences.

San Diego State is 6-0 and ranked 19th and those type of numbers used to be associated with the Broncos. Now Boise State is 3-2, favored to be 3-3 Sunday morning.

However, a 4-2 Bronco record come Sunday could well catapult this young Boise State squad to new heights of confidence and possibly their goal of the Mountain West championship.

Rocky Long has his team playing with attitude, the kind Boise State used to display game day. It's what they'll need tomorrow to upset an Aztec team on a roll behind Heisman candidate Rashaad Penny who is just seven yards shy of 1,000 rushing yards.

Besides, if Boise State wins tomorrow there is a good chance the Broncos and Aztecs will meet again in December in the Mountain West Championship game and if that happens it would be played in Boise.....Now wouldn't that be nice!


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