Over the years there have been a lot of things said and done that could make one believe Saturdays Boise State at San Diego State game is a rivalry showdown.

Not so says Aztec head coach Rocky Long. Long says Fresno State is more their rival. Really Rocky?

What about Long's comments that the Blue turf had no mystic for his Aztecs! What about when Long claimed Boise State cheated by wearing all blue uniforms on the blue making them impossible to see!

In fact, that comment led to the Mountain West banning the all blue look on the blue before reconsidering and reversing that decision.

What does Rocky have to do to make it a rivalry? Call it "Smurf Turf?"

Rocky contends it's only a rivalry if you play year in and year out. I contend a rivalry is a special game and because the Aztecs and Broncos are continually the cream of the conference crop, this is a special game with a ton at stake.

In past years it's been the Broncos with every thing to lose, rankings, major bowls you name it and something was on the line. Saturday night it's San Diego State with everything on the line.

The Aztecs are 18th in one poll, 19th in the other and undefeated with wins over Arizona State and Stanford of the Pac 12.

The Aztecs are favored by just a touchdown because Vegas isn't sure if BSU is the team that led Washington State 31-10 with six minutes to play or the team that lost at home to Virginia 42-23.

Right now the Broncos aren't really that sure either and they see Saturdays challenge as a chance to prove to themselves they belong in the college football playoff picture and a major bowl contender.

The Aztecs will serve as a Boise State litmus test!

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