Every game week Thursday Boise State football coach Bryan Harsin meets with the media for a little one on one time. To be honest, little is ever said about the upcoming game, the questions instead are more philosophical.

Today for instance Harsin finished by talking about the expectations to win at Boise State.

Wining has become a part of the Boise State culture and that comes with pressure to recruit the right players and to develop those players. We've seen so many cases where a player comes to Boise State as a walk on, earns a scholarship and in the case of Leighton Vander Esh goes on the the NFL.

Harsin said today the expectations can wear you down and part of his job is to not let that happen. Players and coaches see any win as a good win but fans can be tough. So can the media for that matter.

Local newspapers grade each of the Boise State games. Offense, defense and special teams all get a letter grade from reporters who either never played at this level or who never played at all. For sure their playing days are long gone.

As they say everyone is a critic, just like me right now but for coaches and players it's important to as they say, stay in their lanes. Don't let chatter get in the way

Two weeks ago I saw three top 10 teams lose and that's what I love about college football but that is also what makes it so hard for a coaching staff.

Harsin said today the key is getting the right players and then keeping those players in the system and developing them to succeed both on and off the field.

Saturday Wyoming comes to town and they have never beaten Boise State in Boise. The expectations are that won't change come Saturday. Yet Wyoming comes to town 6-2, 3-1 in league with the 14th best rush offense in the country and an equally 14th ranked rush defense. Plus, as Harsin said today, everyone brings their A-game against Boiose State


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