The problem with complicated coaching contracts that include bonuses, extensions and all types of incentives is the fact they can come full circle with unintended consequences.

Five years ago Boise State signed football coach Bryan Harsin to a 5 year contract that included 1 year extensions for 8 game winning seasons. No problem, Harsin has done just that every year extending his current deal which expires January 10th by five years.

Problem is that original contract included a 2 million dollar buyout that was reduced every year until in the 5th year the buyout is nothing, zero, nada. However a series of one year extensions gives coach Harsin a job through 2022 with no buyout.

Harsin is set to make $1.65 million a year plus bonuses for conference titles, bowl wins etc, but if somebody does have the resources to pay more and makes an offer, Harsin can leave scott free!

Chances are if someone could afford Harsin and Harsin was interested even a 2 million dollar buyout wouldn't skunk the deal but just interesting to point out Harsin must have made some solid play calls to where he's now in a position of not being sacked by a huge buyout in his contract. Another win on an 11-3 season.

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