I was reading a newspaper article the other day about ice fishing on Cascade Reservoir. The author said the yellow perch were biting, the ice was thick and the fishing hot!

Sorry Charlie, nothing about ice fishing to me is HOT.

Remember the movie "Grumpy Old Men"? Now they knew how to ice fish. The had a cabin on the lake, not by the lake, they had a cabin complete with stove, chairs, plenty to drink and lots of treats to eat. Some call it an ice fishing hut but these were a little more extravagant buildings with plenty of accessories.

Most importantly their "fishing hole" was drilled right in the middle of the cabin floor so it's just like sitting in your living room and watching football, except you have an eight inch hole in your floor exposing the fact you're sitting on top of twenty feet of ice cold water.

Minnesota Lake Boasts World's Biggest Ice Fishing Competition
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Some people drill a hole, find something to sit on and wait for the fun to begin. Unfortunately unlike summer when you can cast a line and then sit back and catch some rays and enjoy the sounds of nature....In winter you risk the chance of freezing solid!

I admit my view of ice fishing may have been skewed by a trip in Nebraska. We arrived at the lake to find ten inches of new snow and dropping temperatures. It was 10 degrees when we arrived and as we sat in the car and debated our options the temperature dropped to below zero.

We decided to open the car door and realized the wind was blowing 30mph and the wind chill was -50. Because of the snow we couldn't tell where land ended and the lake began so we wisely aborted our trip and headed back to Omaha.

I'm sure we could have picked a better day but the reality about ice fishing is there needs to be ice and for ice you need cold and the older I get cold is never a good thing.

So if I'm ever going to try ice fishing again I have to be prepared with the necessary accessories. Shelter, food, stove, fire, food, satellite TV would be a bonus but I don't want to come across as a wuss!



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