You go downtown Boise and you can't miss them. Groups of people pedaling on what looks like a moving bar ( hence the name bike bars). If you've never seen one, the first time you encounter one you will definitely take a second look. You will most likely ask yourself... What in the world is going on there? Lately I've  been spending a significant amount of time downtown and I noticed a lot less of these bike bars.

One of the purposes for these rolling bike bars was to basically take bar crawls to the next level. Someone, somewhere figured out that while bar crawls are fun, all that walking is not, but riding and drinking as a group keeps the party going.

Unfortunately in Boise that party stopped last January when the city of Boise banned alcohol on bike bars. The city also prohibited them from operating after 10:30pm and weekdays during rush hour. Of course you can still pedal from one bar to another but in my humble opinion the journey is the destination.

My question is... now that alcohol is prohibited on the actual ride, are bike bars still a good time or a waste of money? Are you better off going to a bar with your large group of friends and reserving a table or a section? Did the city council hurt bike bar business owners over behavior that takes place everywhere in downtown on a daily basis? Have you been on one of these rides? I'd love to know what you think.


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