We're a few weeks away from the start of the 2021 football season. The media world is producing numerous top 25 predictions. As reported here, Boise State is not picked as a preseason top 25 team this year.

The Broncos have been the standard-bearer for the non-power five schools for the last ten years. BSU fans have come to expect their favorite team to be a preseason favorite for postseason success. 


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One college football expert is not so optimistic about Boise State this year. Lance Taylor, one of the hosts of the Next Round, predicts a rough year for the blue. In his preseason video, Taylor cites a number of factors that could negatively impact the season.

"They could be underdogs in four games this year, Taylor told his fellow host Jim Dunaway. Taylor explained the challenges of 2021. "I wonder about the transition from year one," he said. "You've got a defensive coordinator taking over from Bachmeier at quarterback. I've just got this feeling they're going to lose three or four games this year."

Taylor reviews the difficulties of this year's schedule. "Realistically, when you start to look at the numbers, they could start the year 2-4." Taylor has the Broncos at number 35 in his preseason poll.  

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Mr. Taylor is a highly successful sports handicapper and a host on The Next Round based in Birmingham, Alabama. You can find out more information about the show here. He had frequently appeared on Outkick with Clay Travis when that show was on Fox Sports Radio.  

Do you agree with his preseason ranking of Boise State?

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