As the Eagle Mustangs and Skyview Hawks ran into Eagles Thunder stadium last Friday night the challenge of a team moving from 4A to 5A status was evident in the shear number of players suited up for Eagle as compared to Skyview.

Eagle had twice the players suited for the game but come kickoff both teams had and equal number of 11 players on the field.

Still, this was the first time Skyview had played at Thunder Stadium against the Mustangs. Even though Skyview was a 4A power last year this had to be a mental game for the Hawks play on the home field of a perennial 5A power.

Can we play with these guys had to be a question at least in the back of every Skyview players mind.

When Eagle's Cam Churchill scored a 59 yard touch down on the first offensive play of the game the Skyview Hawks could have folded figuring they were out of their league.

Instead they fought back in a wild first half that would see a total of 70 points. Skyview never led in the first half, trailing by as many as 9 points but always coming back until they finally tied the game at 35 all at intermission.

Running back Tyler Crowe was the main Skyview offensive weapon. Crowe, who also starts on defense wasn't just wearing a Skyview uniform Friday he was also wearing a cape! Like a Superman cape.

He was well over 100 yards rushing at halftime with 5 of Skyview's points.

Skyview's game plan in the second half was to control the football and they turned to Crowe. Running the ball Crowe converted critical first down after critical first down and finished the night with 274 yards rushing and 7 touchdowns.

Skyview limited Eagles second half possessions and after giving up 35 first half points, shutout the Mustangs in the second half enroute to a 48-35 win.

It may have been the most impressive performance by a prep running back I've ever seen. Everyone knew Crowe was getting the football yet he broke tackles, carried tacklers and made others miss as he completed a career night and helped Skyview send a message to the rest of the 5A SIC that the Hawks are growing up quickly and have already become a factor in the 5A race for the playoffs.


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