From a regional standpoint, Gonzaga, Montana, Utah State and Nevada will fly the regional flag for area college basketball fans buit is anyone other than the Zags capable of making it out of the first round?

Let's start with the easy game, Montana-Michigan. That game is tomorrow in Des Moines and I'm not seeing any surprise, the Wolverines will outs the Grizzlies.

Believe it or not, that game in Des Moines will be followed by Nevada-Florida. The Pack is a 7-seed the Gators a 10-seed but given the Wolfpack's two losses in the last two weeks of the season I'm giving the Gators the edge.

That brings us to Utah State who plays Washington on Friday. They're seeded 8th and 9th respectively so this is a tough call. If Sam Merrill gets his 20 or more points the Huskies are doomed. Unfortunately, who ever wins that game is doomed because the next opponent is North Carolina.

So that leaves Gonzaga who plays Fairleigh-Dickinson who won a play-in game last night. The Zags will put a stop to FDU's tournament run.

The scary part for Gonzaga is round two where they'll play either Syracuse or Baylor. There is a good chance the Zags will be the first top seed to exit the tournament.

When all is said and done I thin it's going to be another Blue Blood final with Duke and North Carolina for the fourth time this year.




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