Like coaches, players and fans alike, I have no idea how to analyze this years Boise State men's basketball season!

By the numbers, 13-20, it was a record season for losses. Not since 1981 when the Broncos dropped 19 games while in the Big Sky has BSU lost so many games.

Then, you you factor in the 10 games decided by either one possession or in overtime and the fact the Broncos were 1-9 in those games who can actually make a case that this wasn't a totally lost season.

Young players grew up, new players with the potential for immediate impact were signed and there is every reason to believe the Broncos will be back to winning 20 or more games next year as they did each of the past six seasons before the 2018-19 speed bump.

Justin Tafoya/NCAA Photos
Justin Tafoya/NCAA Photos

Some folks have wondered if head coach Leon Rice is on the hot seat and that's really stretching for a story! Not only did Rice string together six consecutive 20 or more win seasons, he runs a clean and for the most part trouble free program.

If you want to get picky, Rice's Achilles heel is the post season tournament. The Bronco women have won four of the last five Mountain West championships, the men have not come close to a title.

With all that being said, twice in three games this year Boise State took top seeded Nevada to the wire. That's toe to toe play against the 14th ranked team in the country with a 29-2 record. Boise State was that close.

The Broncos 1-9 record in one possession games may have been the "mental" season killer. Time after time Boise State lost at the buzzer to the point the "shadow of doubt" blocked out the "light of confidence."

In past seasons Boise State won the close games, not so this year and that mental weight became heavier in every close game.

Best thing to do is wipe the slate clean and get excited for 2019-20. Coach Rice has some thoroughbreds in the stable waiting to break out of the gate.


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