Maybe it's just basketball madness talking but what with the Big Sky Basketball Tournament returning to Boise, what with the College of Idaho's run to the semi finals of the NAIA Division II National Tournament isn't it time we think about a December to remember tournament to put some life into round ball before March Madness.

As I sat there watching the Big Sky tournament, then Boise State at the Mountain West in Las Vegas and reporting the Coyotes of the College of Idaho at the NAIA National tournament I'm thinking were was all this madness in December when basketball was looking for a spark against the flames of the football bowl season.

How about an all out round ball fight between Idaho, Idaho State, Boise State and the College of Idaho, both men and women!

I remember a lifetime ago, back in the 1980's we had Holiday Tournaments at the Pavilion, now Taco Bell, soon to be a new sponsor to be named later. Those tournament however were never an all Idaho we got spirit how about you all out donnybrook!

Run the tournament more like a soccer match where there are three games in three days with a point system awarding points for wins and margin of victories versus like opponents and crown a "Gem State Champion".

Run it like the State High School runs it's tournaments with games at 12pm, 3pm, 6pm and 8:30pm. Four games each day alternating men women and men.

Everybody plays everybody and a yet to be determined points systems decides the champions.

Basketball fans would get a true Gem State playoff, we'd see the renewal of an Idaho-Boise State rivalry, the ISU-Boise State games always create a buzz and certainly the College of Idaho, as great as they play, would bring a sense of intrigue and uncertainty.

Question is, where to play the games and until someone comes up with a solution this is only a wild wishful dream on my part.







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