Boise State running back Alexander Mattison was talking about Boise States one-two punch in the backfield with he and Ryan Wolpin when it slipped they call each other  Nado and Cane.

That's short for Tornado and Hurricane, Mattison being the Hurricane and Wolpin the Tornado.

Wolpin said they considered naming themselves Lightning and Thunder but according to Wolpin, Mattison didn't want to be Thunder because fans wouldn't think he was fast like lightning.

So they decided both are destructive runners and that Hurricane and Tornado would fit best for the pair!

Both players say they feed off each others success and Mattison says if Wolpin makes a great run or catch he's determined to do likewise. Mattison says its not a competition or contest but a desire to improve and win as a team.

Mattison and Wolpin agree it's nice to see the passing game come around because it makes their job as runners a little easier and more productive.

They know Colorado State has underlined this game for a long time. The Rams have never beaten Boise State and if the 4-2 Rams are going to stay with the 5-0 Broncos in the Mountain Division, Tornado and Hurricane, alias Wolpin and Mattison, will have to churn up a storm Saturday night in Fort Collins.



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