The iconic home on Warm Springs Avenue is back on the market for $2.7 million! You may have driven past it hundreds of times, but we bet you didn't know this!

My old neighborhood was off of Warm Springs and I must have ran past the "Boise Castle" once a week the entire time I lived over there.  It wasn't until the house went on the market in 2016 (for $3.4 million at the time) that I became really curious about what the inside of the 5 bedroom, 7 bathroom house looked like.

Built in 2010, the sandstone castle looks like something out of Medieval times with a 220 pound iron front door, gargoyle and dragon artwork, suits of armor, a theater in the round, roof top jacuzzi, barttop and torch-lights.  You can take a peek around in the video below! Then test how much you REALLY know about the home with some fun facts we found on a website dedicated to this Idaho landmark!

FYI, the house was relisted on Zillow just 40 days ago.

1700 E Warm Springs Ave-01 from Blu Fish Photography on Vimeo.

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    It's a TV Favorite

    It's long been rumored that MTV shot an episode of "Cribs" at the house, but that's not exactly what happened. It wasn't MTV who visited the home and the visit happened long after "Cribs" reached it's peak popularity. A film crew stopped in the Treasure Valley to grab some shots of for a hip-hop video in 2015. I looked around but couldn't find out what artist used it in their video.

    HGTV filmed there for Extreme homes in 2013, the same year that CBS News had its local affiliate take a walk through the home. The Discovery Channel shot a piece on its rooftop in 2012, but it didn't have anything to do with the home itself.

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    Even Shakespeare Would Love It

    I say that because both the Shakespeare Festival and Ballet Idaho hosted Shakespeare themed events at the castle. The festival performed did a reading of Equivocation as a fundraiser in 2012. The play wasn't written by Shakespeare himself, but asked the question what if the government asked William Shakespeare to write the true history of an assassination attempt on King James I known as the Gunpowder Plot.

    When Ballet Idaho was scheduled to perform Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliette in 2011 they shot their program and promotional photos on the rooftop.

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    It's Built Primarily With Materials from Idaho

    The home may look like something straight our of England or France, but its about as Idaho as it can get.  The sandstone used on the exterior is 90% locally sourced.  During construction, builders didn't have to go to another city to pick up that stone.  It came from the quarry near Table Rock.

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    The Sculptures Have Names

    If you're going to have a gargoyle and dragon hanging around, why wouldn't you name them? The gargoyle's name is Zuul.  The suit of armor upon entry is affectionately known as George.  The iron anglerfish sculpture is called Fred and that gorgeous, wooden dragon sculpture goes by Pete.

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    It's a Popular Halloween Destination

    Who wouldn't want to go trick-or-treat at a "haunted castle?" During the Halloween season more than 1,000 costume kiddos stop by for candy.  According to, they hand out over 3,000 pieces of candy.  You can't help but wonder if that's a stipulation on buying the home.

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