The College Football Association has ranked the top 25 bowl games of all time and the 2007 Fiesta Bowl between Boise State and Oklahoma is ranked number two!

Boise State won that game 43-42 in overtime using some razzle dazzle to quell a Sooner uprising after Boise State had led most of the game.

I covered that game for the local FOX Sports station and for most of the battle I was in the press box but I made my way to the sidelines with under two minutes to play, the game now tied 28-28.

That's when Oklahoma took a 35-28 lead late in the fourth quarter on a pick six by the Sooner secondary. The defender running by me down the sidelines was so close I felt the breeze as he ran to the end zone.

I also felt the air go out of the Bronco fans who until that moment, were sure the Broncos would win.

Now if appeared the upset of the 2007 bowl season wasn't meant to be and as the FOX Sports TV crew said on air...The big dog (Oklahoma) got hungry!.

All game FOX had been referring to Boise State's lead by claiming... it's not the size of the dog in the fight but rather the size of the fight in the dog.

With the interception it appeared the fight had been taken from the Broncos especially when BSU was faced with 4th and 18 and just seconds to play in regulation.

That's when the Broncos hauled out the hook and lateral and scored with 7 seconds remaining to tie the game at 35-all and force overtime.

Bronco fans were back in it! Then, on the first play in overtime Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson went 25 yards for a touchdown and it was 42-35 Sooners.

Boise State once again worked the ball to the five yard line in their overtime possession but once again it was 4th down. BSU called a halfback option pass that worked in the back of the end zone for a touchdown and it was 42-41 Sooners.

Oklahoma was flexing their muscle so Boise State decided to go for two and the rest is history. A statue of liberty hand off from quarterback Jared Zabransky to Ian Johnson caught Oklahoma's defense flatfooted and the iconic play was sketched in college football lore as Boise State won the game 43-42 in overtime.

Now the game is ranked second all time among the top 25 college football bowl games and many believe it should be number one!

Number one however is the 2006 Rose Bowl in which Texas outlasted Southern Cal 41-38.

Ranked 3rd is the 2016 Alamo Bowl with TCU beating Oregon 47-41 in 3OT's.

Fourth on the list is the 1973 Sugar Bowl where Notre Dame beat Alabama 24-23 and the number 5 bowl game of all time is the 1984 Orange Bowl where Miami beat Nebraska 31-30.



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