You got to see one of the Treasure Valley amazing displays this past weekend at Lucky Peak. But thanks to all the snow the Rooster Tail's not the only incredible dam thing on display at dams this year

This spring like in most Idaho’s dams and reservoirs, the winter snow melt has already driven reservoirs to their max capacity in a lot of areas.

The great news for us is that has created some pretty amazing displays in some areas. Last weekend you got to see the Lucky Peak Dam Rooster Tail for the first time in 5 years.

If you missed that another pretty awesome spectacle that we are getting to see this year that’s just a short drive away, just over the Oregon border at the Owyhee Dam and reservoir is the Owyhee Dam Glory Hole…or  more appropriately the "Morning Glory Spillway Ring"  It’s an absolutely mesmerizing and thundering whirlpool that when the water level of the dam reaches a certain level, the water gets sucked into the hole, travels below, through the dam, before getting shot out into the spillway below.

Here's a video showing what the glory hole looks like during low water..

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